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16 September 2018

I commenced a medical malpractice action in New York. When attempting to serve one of the defendants, I learned that he had moved to England. I read up on service using The Hague Convention, but found it a bit intimidating. Fortunately, I discovered John Talbot’s firm, Across the Pond Process Service, which specializes in proper service in England and Wales. Using the very simple forms provided to me by him, I easily transmitted them by email. Within a day I was notified that the defendant had been served, and a few days later I received my affidavit of service. Payment was simple and fair.  He offers both article 5 and article 10 service, and works with an English solicitor to comply with the statute. I was very impressed by the speed and professionalism and would highly recommend using Mr. Talbot to any American firm needing service in England or Wales.