Pre-Serve Enquiries

…and other helpful suggestions to reduce the risk of things going wrong!


Serves on British Companies

It is astonishing how often errors in papers received from transatlantic clients in the names and/or addresses of Companies to be served result in delay and unnecessary costs. We actually had instructions in one case where the name and address was 40 years out of date!

Under British rules, we do not have “Registered Agent”, i.e. the official person for service, we have “Registered Office”, an ‘official’ place for service.

If you go to our Companies House website, you can check out the correct title and registered office address of any Company you believe to be British for yourself (and if you cannot find the name you are looking for, beware! – the company, if it is British, cannot exist in the name you have, and we cannot serve a company that does not exist).

Or – send us the name and address of any company you anticipate that you might need service on and we will check it out for you – free of charge.

Serves on Individuals

Send us any address for service that you have in advance and we can at least check out that it is a valid UK street address.

Or – talk to us about the advisability, practicality and cost of confirming or finding a residential address for a person to be served.