Below is a selection of real-life testimonials from satisfied clients of Across the Pond Process Service.

Speed and Professionalism

I commenced a medical malpractice action in New York. When attempting to serve one of the defendants, I learned that he had moved to England. I read up on service using The Hague Convention, but found it a bit intimidating. Fortunately, I discovered John Talbot’s firm, Across the Pond Process Service, which specializes in proper service in England and Wales. Using the very simple forms provided to me by him, I easily transmitted them by email. Within a day I was notified that the defendant had been served, and a few days later I received my affidavit of service. Payment was simple and fair.  He offers both article 5 and article 10 service, and works with an English solicitor to comply with the statute. I was very impressed by the speed and professionalism and would highly recommend using Mr. Talbot to any American firm needing service in England or Wales.

W. Russell Corker, Esq. Huntington, NY 16 September 2018

Very Happy

We are VERY HAPPY with your service!

Erica Healey Tampa FL 14 May 2019

Effective Service

Hague Convention service can be daunting. ATPPS expertly guided me through the process, and perfected effective service of process in a fraction of the time I had anticipated.

Cory Mauro Boca Raton, FL 4 June 2019

Unbelievable Service

You continue to amaze us with your most unbelievable service. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Anonymous 1 April 2021

Exceeding Expectations

Excellent work.  Thank you John.  You exceeded expectations.

Chris M, NJ

27 December 2022

Doing the Impossible

OMG!!! YOU RULE! Thanks so much! Numerous law firms have been trying to find and serve this guy for years....you just did the impossible.

Kerri K NY State 26 October 2017

Great Service

I have notified the paralegals in all of our offices about your company and the great service you provide.

Martell S Florida 26 October 2017

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Thank you for making this possible and completing it. I really felt over my head with the person I needed to be served living "across the pond" and your service was like a light at the end of the tunnel. Professional, reliable, worth every penny.

Jocelyn R. Oklahoma, USA 16 March 2017

Quick and Efficient Service

We actually settled the case yesterday. Your quick and efficient service was certainly most helpful in getting this result so quick. We will certainly use you again in the future when the need arises.

Todd M. Georgia, USA 16 March 2017

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